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New stock and ready stock added.

Posted in efu News by ¥ong¥s on November 23, 2008

We have update our web store with our latest stocks and ready stock products. Read stock means that you don’t need to wait for long time to get your goods. You can get your goods in 2-3 days once we receive your payment. Limited stock available. Check out our fashion store now!


Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs) at efu fashion store portal

Posted in efu News by ¥ong¥s on October 25, 2008
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We have added a FAQs page to list down our customer’s questions. You can find the answers such as “How to make payment to us?”, “How to check my order status?”, “What is Pre-Order Closing Date?” and etc. We hope this section can explain most of you queries to our products and services. We will continue to update this page from time to time. Visit our FAQs page now.

Free Shipping within Malaysia from eFu Fashion Store!

Posted in efu News by ¥ong¥s on September 15, 2008
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What is you online shopping experience? You visit a web store, the products is good and the price is ok. But, you are worry about the shipping charges. During checkout, it charge you a big amount of shipping fees. Isn’t weired?

We fully understand it. So, we decided to remove the shipping charges, Yes! No more additional shipping fees! We will deliver our products within Malaysia free of charge! What you see on our price tag is what you going to pay. No more additional hidden charges. We hope this can become a guide line to other online shopping store. “Customers hate shipping fees while shop online!” |o|

Check out our online fashion store for more details.

When will i receive my goods after complete my payment?

Posted in Support by ¥ong¥s on September 4, 2008
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We receive a lot of feedback from our customer regarding this question. So, let try to explain and make it clear to everyone here.

First, it depends on our stock availability. We do batch ordering every 3 weeks. If it is out of stock, we will need to get the stock from our supplier from oversea. It will take 1-2 weeks after the batch ordering date. We aim to provide reliable, cheap and high quality fashion products with batch ordering method. But, it may take longer time to receive your products. If we do have the stock, we take 1-2 days to sent out the goods. It will take 3-4 days to reach to your door within Malaysia.

Feel free to buzz us if need further clarification! Happy Shopping!

Malaysia Fashion Store – eFu Official Blog!

Posted in efu News by ¥ong¥s on August 28, 2008
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Welcome to eFu Fashion official blog! We decide to setup a blog to share with our customers about our latest news and products. Do post your questions if you need any clarification about our products, shipping and payment info.

For those who are new to eFu Malaysia Fashion store, we offer latest trend, high-quality, valuable clothing and fashion product such as dresses, jackets, pants, skirts, tank tops, tube and tops in Malaysia! We aim to provide reliable, high quality and convenient online shopping experience to all Malaysian.

Do come back to check out our latest news!